Vermogen: 18 - 50 kW
Koudemiddel R744 (CO2)

CDH is a water-water heat pump designed specifically for residential or commercial applications that require very hot water (≈80°C). The refrigerant used is R744 (namely CO2), which has GWP = 1. Being a natural fluid, it has no legislative restrictions and is widely available throughout the world. Furthermore, besides allowing the achievement of very high temperatures, it is not harmful to the environment, neither toxic nor flammable.

The range is configured in sizes from 6 to 200 kW, with 1 or 2 compressors contained in a sound-absorbing box. The exchangers are brazed and appropriate for the high pressures to which they are subjected.

CDH is the ideal solution for facilities that receive low-temperature water that must be heated with thermal jumps higher than 30-40°C, as in the case of DHW production.

The possible applications thus cover all those situations in which hot water is produced with a medium / high temperature difference between inlet and outlet to the unit:

  • DHW production
  • Industrial processes with high temperature water demand (eg. Pasteurization processes)
  • Multiple users service (hydronic side series)
  • Heat recovery with high temperature differences
  • Cascade use of the hot water produced
  • Retrofit of existing plants

COP example: source-side 10°C, user-side heating from 20 to 80°C, COP = 4,13.