Vermogen: 20 - 600 kW
Koudemiddel R-134A

EKW is a water-water heat pump designed specifically for residential or commercial applications with a very hot water demand (≈80°C) and a medium temperature source (20-40°C). The on/off scroll compressors are in fact optimized for high evaporation and high condensation temperatures.

An integrated device for measuring electric energy with ModBus interface can also be provided, allowing to:

  • Manage the maximum electrical power absorbed by limiting the compressors
  • Account for the consumed electric energy and thus monitor the efficiency of the heat pump

Some of the applications for which the EKW is optimal are:

  • Tertiary, residential, hotel: and air-to-water can provide water at 40/45°C, to be used for the building’s heating requirement and/or as a source for the EKW, which in turn heats it up to 80°C for radiators (retrofit of heating systems) or 65°C for Domestic Hot Water with anti-legionella cycles. 
  • Industrial processes: wastewater from industries at 30° or 45°C can be heated to 80°C and used again with high efficency. A state-of-the-art Datacentre for example produces water with >30°C.
  • Thermal anomalies: Low-enthalpy geothermal heat pumps coupled to hot underground.