Vermogen: 3 - 42 kW
Koudemiddel R410A

GSP is a water-condensed modulating and polyvalent heat pump for residential use. It obtains heating or cooling energy from a water source (above ground or acquifer) or from a closed-loop geothermal system, allowing alternatively to heat and cool the whole dwelling and to produce Domestic Hot Water in priority or in total heat recovery when in cooling mode.

Thanks to the ‘flooded evaporator’ innovative technology available with the GSP, the geothermal field to which the unit is combined can be shortened by up to 30% or it can avoid the use of antifreeze glycol solutions, for a total increase in efficiency by up to 12%. This represents a major development towards the optimization of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions in which ENEREN stands out.


  • Scroll or twin-rotary inverter compressors with modulating speed and BLDC motors technology (Brush Less Direct Current).
  • Electronically controlled Electric expansion Valve (EEV).
  • Source-side, DHW-side and User-side pumps with permanent magnets and variable speed motors to adapt flow-rates to actual operating speed and allow significant savings on pumping costs.
  • Brazed plates evaporator that operates in flooded conditions (optional, recommended in combination with geothermal boreholes).
  • Double hydraulic circuit: space heating/cooling circuit and DHW circuit, independent from each other.
  • DHW circuit in priority, or in total heat recovery when in cooling mode.
  • AISI 316 Stainless steel high efficiency brazed plate heat exchangers
  • Advanced electronic management allowing to respond adequately to the needs of partial loading for optimal operation in such conditions.
  • Frame 1 (F1) dimensions: 804 x 607 x 1501 mm (W x D x H)
  • Frame 2 (F2) dimensions: 1254 x 757 x 1462  mm (W x D x H)


All units of the GSP series are made with steel paneling sheets galvanized with epoxy polyester powder that is polymerized at 180°C and front cover hosting the display. The unit is fully paneled, but can be accessed on 3 sides with easily removable panels that greatly simplify maintenance and/or control operations; all routine maintenance is achievable from the front of the machine.